Mr. Shridhant Joshi

IMES is first of its kind institute of central India solely dedicated to academic research & Innovation, Management consultancy and placement support by way of knowledge partnering with industries and ensure career planning to make young talent a successful leader of the economic world. IMES is a platform from which you will board on the coach for your excellent tomorrow. We redefine each ones approach towards challenges, making them excel confidently and proclaim the great heights.

With our firm belief that the personality of individuals are groomed by the environment they live in, we at ‘Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Studies’ have developed a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures quality education through a corporate driven course curriculum, and an overall transformation of individual to a professional through practical trainings, extra-curricular activities and major competitive events. Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Studies’ learning styles are diverse and we realize that knowledge is best sustained with active involvement of all present and not just passive lecturing. It also reflects our belief that every act of teaching is simultaneously an act of learning.

We also realize that our administrative staff plays a vital role in guiding an institution to success. They are usually silent and unsung actors working backstage make others not to deviate from their focus of excellence. This institute motivates faculties and administrative staff to engage with students and be in regular contact with them, to regularly share information, helping them to remain focused and build their career and share their valuable guidance.

I take pride in welcoming you all to this culture of excellence.